The Black Hole

The Black Hole is a creative non-fiction piece I wrote and illustrated for the inaugural issue of Working Draft, the Creative Communications online magazine.

April 24, 2020

Alana Mercer personality profile

Smoke creeps across the stage and into the energetic crowd as Joanne Rodriguez and Alana Mercer begin their set at The Pyramid Cabaret. Mercer sits behind her 4-piece silver drum kit sporting a sleeveless Taylor Swift shirt. Her stark red hair pokes out from underneath a black and white trucker hat. The two-piece band Chica […]

Reservations review

Yesterday evening, all of the first-year Creative Communications students went to see Reservations, written by Steven Ratzlaff. It’s a two-part play presented by Theatre Projects Manitoba that focuses on Indigenous themes, primarily reconciliation. The first thing that stands out is the minimalist set. There is one backdrop and three 6 x 20 foot screens that […]

The Projector articles

Black Space

September 6, 2016