Live music photography

I hear a lot of people complain about how boring and crappy Winnipeg is, but I personally don’t agree. Yeah, maybe it’s cold in the winter and the transit system sucks, but we have such a diverse and active music community here. Not to mention there are some really great promoters who use money out of their own pockets to bring bands from out of town.

I’m primarily interested in the metal/punk scene. These are just a few shots I’ve taken over the years.

06.24 Anders
Anders from Flash Out at Negative Space. June 2012
06.24 Cory
Cory from Flash Out at Negative Space. June 2012
12.01 Leather Rebel 1
Sam and Nolan from Leather Rebel at The Windsor Hotel. December 2012
04.08 Doom 2
DOOM playing for an enthusiastic crowd at Negative Space. April 2013
04.08 Doom
DOOM at Negative Space. April 2013
08.23 Dark Breakfast 2
Dark Breakfast playing in the forest at Foul Copse. August 2013

If you want to stay on top of the shows happening in Winnipeg, I highly suggest checking out Manitoba Music’s live music calendar. They also have a killer search function that helps you narrow down events by genre and location.