Thank you to James Turner for the headshot.

I am a third-generation Chinese Canadian artist, writer, and freelance communications specialist who was born and raised on Indigenous territory in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In the spring of 2020, I graduated from the Creative Communications program at Red River College Polytech with a specialization in Public Relations and Communication Management.

I’ve worked in the non-profit sector doing marketing communications, event planning, and administration. I’m happiest when I can organize and use my creativity while contributing to the health and well-being of the community and society at large.

During my spare time, I organize with grassroots collective Prairie Asian Organizers (PAO!). I enjoy learning about psychology, singing along to my ABBA records, spending time in nature, and connecting with friends.

client testimonials

“We contracted Alanna to help with administration and communications in preparation for Canadian Worker Co-op Federation’s first-ever virtual conference and annual general meeting. She jumped in quickly and had everything organized right away. She was independent, efficient, and knew when to ask questions. It was an extremely positive experience, and we’d recommend her to anyone who needs her skill set.” 

– Kaye Grant, Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation

“Alanna’s work in the planning, production, and execution of the Pride Winnipeg Festival was instrumental in the success of the event. Their easy-going attitude, attention to detail, and clear communication style coupled with their thorough document management propelled the many moving parts of festival planning. Alanna brings ethical integrity to their work that creates a culture of kindness and collective purpose in the workplace and larger community.”

– Ashley Au, Pride Winnipeg