Leather sewing

When I went to Belgium in 2013, I scored a beautiful black leather jacket with a quilted sheer red lining. I traveled to France a few days later for a metal festival called Hellfest and picked up several black, white, and red embroidered patches to decorate my leather with. (Yes, I love color coordination. And specifically these three colors together.)

It’s not easy sewing patches onto leather, but having the right tools to begin with will make the process much smoother.

I recommend buying bonded nylon thread. It’s thick, durable, and it comes in many different colors.

Black and red bonded nylon thread.

You will definitely need to buy a thimble. But don’t waste your time or money getting one from a dollar store. They are cheap and will fall off your thumb, which is very annoying when trying to complete a project. Just invest in a high-quality thimble.

You will also need a Glovers needle. This heavy needle has a sharp triangular point that makes it very easy to pierce leather.

All of these products can be purchased in downtown Winnipeg at a store called Warkov-Safeer, which is located at 462 Hargrave Street.

A Glovers needle and a good quality thimble.

When I sewed these patches onto my jacket, I did not use any sort of adhesive to keep them in place. I just held them down with one hand and sewed with the other.

Overkill! Old-school thrash from the USA.
Venom. One of the first black metal bands, hailing from the UK.
Sepultura. Brazillian thrash metal. The name means “grave” in English.
Voivod. Underrated progressive thrash from Quebec.

Event posters

Since Judas Priest passed Winnipeg in 2011 on their Epitaph tour, five local musicians teamed up and formed a Judas Priest cover band. I had the honor of making stage decorations, singing backup vocals, and making the poster for the event!

JPDP 2011Songs that we covered included Turbo Lover, Starbreaker, Diamonds and Rust, and Metal Gods. It was my first time performing with a heavy metal band, and hopefully it won’t be the last!


In 2013, I promoted my first metal show at The Zoo in Osborne Village along with Cory Thomas of Ninjacat Productions.

ABSU 2013Even though we used Facebook ads to promote the event and put up posters around the city, the attendance wasn’t that great. Winnipeg doesn’t seem to have too many black metal fans. Either that, or everyone got too stoned to leave their house that day.

Flower drawings

I began doodling flowers, some call them mandalas, 5 or 6 years ago. My style isn’t very different from when I first started, but the amount of detail and symmetry has definitely increased. I love getting lost in creating intricate patterns and deciding what colors will go where.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to do much of these lately, but here are a couple pieces I created in 2014.

Red Flower

3 Flowers